Test Automation build with robot framework and unittest.


Use source code:

$ git clone https://github.com/crazy-canux/westeros.git
$ cd westeros
$ python setup.py install

The User Guide

Create the AUC for the business:

$ cd westeros/auc
$ mkdir <auc-category-name>
$ cd <auc-category-name>
$ vim manager.py
$ mkdir <auc-sub-name>
$ cd <auc-sub-name>
$ vim auc.py

Create the KEYWORDS for workflows:

$ cd westeros/keywords
$ vim <keywords_category>_workflow.py

Create workflow in robot file:

$ cd westeros/examples
$ vim westeros.robot

Modify configuration for workflow:

$ cd westeros/etc
$ vim global.yaml
$ vim shared.yaml

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